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Our organization distinguishes its members as those who seek the best quality in copywriting.

The American Society of Professional Copywriters: The CopyPros having a meeting about the copywriting.
The American Society of Professional Copywriters: The CopyPros holding a copywriting presentation.

The American Society of Professional Copywriters has a creed that its members adhere to, promoting the finest in both product and ethical behavior. It is an organization devoted exclusively to American English copywriters and offers membership, consultation service to other copywriters, and an annual awards program for excellence in the art and science of copywriting.

Current President and a founding member of the organization, Dennis Taylor, explains that being a member of a copywriting organization displays that you are on a higher level and “distinguishes you from another copywriter.”

Our Creed

The American Society of
Professional Copywriters
Where you'll find The CopyPros®


I will display an unswerving commitment to the vocation of communication through copywriting and promise to treat that endeavor as a professional occupation.

I will conduct myself in my relationship with my audience and my clients ethically and with civility, courtesy, respect, and integrity in all my dealings.

I will treat my audience and my clients with dignity, and honor, and be responsible for my own judgement and words.

I will be honest and never mistreat the trust that clients and audience members should expect from someone with whom they are dealing.

I will be a party to none but honest enterprise.

I will work according to the law and the highest standards of professional conduct.

I will give my utmost performance of my ability and training.

“It shows that you are committed to the best quality in copywriting and ethical business practices,” Taylor says. “It states immediately that you are a copywriter who treats their vocation as a career, not a hobby.“ Taylor explains that “much like Realtors differentiate themselves from personnel who are just real estate agents, members of  The American Society of Professional Copywriters, called The CopyPros, are on a level above a mere copywriter.”

Taylor has been a professional writer for over 40 years, working as a copywriter even when he was also writing for newspapers and magazines as a reporter. He has worked on local, regional, national and international multi-media accounts in traditional print, scriptwriting and digital campaigns, and has taught copywriting on the collegiate level. He is a team member available for consultations offered by the organization.

Taylor states that “membership in The American Association of Professional Copywriters is available for about the cost of one specialty coffee per week for the year, but is sure to kick-start your occupation more than the caffeine would.”

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